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Insulated delivery bags & coolers
Whether you’re going on a trip or transporting food and
beverages to an event, it’s advisable to maintain the food at
the right temperature to keep it fresh.
Jerusalem Packs invites you to take a look at our wide range of
insulated cooler bags especially designed to keep food fresh.
To order:
We are proud to provide you with a warranty that our products
are of a high quality.
- Coolers for the individual
- Insulated bottle carriers
- Large coolers suitable for a picnic
- Specialized bags for holding pizza trays
- And more
Customized insulated coolers by order
If you didn’t find a bag or cooler here that meets your needs,
we’ll be happy to manufacture it especially for you. We
manufacture our bags using the highest quality fabrics, and
they can be designed in many different shapes and sizes to
meet your needs and preferences. You can print a logo on a
bag or cooler for the purpose of advertising.
All our products for storing food are made from the most
suitable quality materials, ensuring long-term usage.
Since all our products come with a warranty, even if you have
an issue later on, we’ll be here to handle it for you.

  • 28L soft cooler - Model 220
    Our price: $ 85
    Including VAT
  • Soft 20L cooler - Model 219
    Our price: $ 80
    Including VAT
  • Jerrycan carrier - Model 208
    Our price: $ 35
    Including VAT
  • Customized 7L soft cooler - Model 224
    Price before: $ 12
    Our price: $ 32
    Including VAT
  • 3L soft cooler - Model 234
    Our price: $ 34
    Including VAT
  • Cooler with straps for carrying on the back, approx.6L - ...
    Our price: $ 59
    Including VAT
  • 34L soft cooler - Model 221
    Our price: $ 98
    Including VAT
  • Cold and heat retainer bag modified for delivery boxes
    Our price: $ 120
    Including VAT
  • Hot/ cold temperature delivery bag modified for motorcycl...
    Our price: $ 0
    Including VAT