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Pizza bag

Jerusalem Packs offers you a large selection of high-quality,
custom-designed insulated bags for delivering pizzas. Using
them, you can be sure that you are delivering a hot, fresh pizza
to your customer’s home.
For more details and to order:
Jerusalem Packs has been in the business of manufacturing
pizza bags for pizzerias and restaurants for many years, and we
pay strict attention to ensure the quality of our products.
All the bags are made from heat-retaining fabric that ensures
that the pizza reaches its destination still crispy and hot as if it
has just come out of the oven.
You can print your logo on the bag. This is a perfect
opportunity to share your branding.

  • 2tray pizza delivery bag - Model 223
    Our price: $ 145
    Including VAT
  • 6tray pizza delivery bag - Model 245
    Our price: $ 175
    Including VAT
  • 3tray pizza delivery bag - Model 243
    Our price: $ 155
    Including VAT
  • 5tray pizza delivery bag - Model
    Our price: $ 165
    Including VAT