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A quality bag can significantly upgrade the use of the stroller. It relieves parents during routine trips and also helps caregivers.Attaching a high-quality bag to the baby carriage/stroller can
significantly improve the experience, making it convenient for
parents and babysitters. The bag is an integral part of caring for
a child and is also functional. The inside of the bag can be
organized to hold everything that is needed for taking care of a
baby for use inside or outside the home. The bag contains
compartments, a zipper, and buttons for quick retrieval of an
article. To take full advantage of the many benefits such a bag
offers, it’s well worth investing in a really good one like this


  • Upgraded bag for baby carriage/ stroller - Model 1263
    Price before: $ 113
    Our price: $ 260
    Including VAT
  • Baby carriage/stroller bag - Model 162
    Price before: $ 41
    Our price: $ 99
    Including VAT